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If you believe that the journey is as important as the destination and you also believe that who you become is more important than what you get then we might be able to work together in my primary Network Marketing business.

The primary attribute that I look for in business partners is being coachable. We are all supposed to always activate the “student mode” in us. Every superstar was once a disaster and even every mentor has a mentor too.

Please note that I don’t like biting more than I can chew so I have a limit on the number of partners that I work with and groom per time as I always ensure that I devote attention to my new team members in their first 30 days in order to duplicate myself in them.

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Can you devote at least 10 hours a week on personal development and building of your legacy?
What is one immediate goal that you would like to achieve upon coming on board ?
What are your reasons why you will never give up on your goal?