Why Network Marketers Fail

The one reason why Network Marketers don’t make a lot of money and get frustrated is simply because they don’t expose enough prospects to their opportunity! Now there are usually many reasons for this, some of the reasons are: fear, lack of motivation, not knowing what to say, lack of believe in the themselves, lack of believe in their products or services and company , and the list goes on.

There are ways to address all of these issues. I am going to show a simple a procedure to get yourself motivated, it is my morning routine and I have been using this procedure for a long time and it has been working for me. So follow these steps to get yourself motivated so that you can “infect” everyone around you with your enthusiasm

  1. Have a set time that you want to wake up. To avoid distractions it is advisable you wake up earlier than the people who can distract you
  2. As you open your eyes to a new day do a review of the previous day and give thanks for every positive thing that happened to you the day before. When you focus on what you wanted to happen but did not happen you will likely start your day in negative mood. But when you start your day with gratitude, it is sure that you will radiate a positive energy during the day and this is good because people will be comfortable being around you
  3. Bring out your goals list and review, especially the pictures that you have pasted somewhere representing your goals. Think and visualize on how you will feel when your goals are achieved as this will also put in a positive mind frame
  4. Take a spiritual journey, read or listen for some minutes to resources that will enhance your spiritual development
  5. Dive into personal development. Read a motivational book, watch a short video of a top earner in our industry, read an interesting blog on our industry and you are good to go. Your mobile phone will be very useful in this aspect.
  6. Review your goals and vision board just before you go to bed at night.

All these activities can be done in less than 45 minutes and the good thing is that these activities can be woven in to your morning time without devoting extra time to them. You can engage in these activities while doing your morning chores, commuting to work etc. Doing these things consistently puts in a positive state of mind in days and before you know it you are so excited you can’t stop sharing your excitement with prospects by exposing them to your opportunity.


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