Based on my field interactions with prospects (the picture above is one of such) and years of successful sojourn in Network marketing, I want to quickly talk about some of the reasons why people hate network marketing

  1. IGNORANCE: Some people don’t understand our industry and how the model works and they are just closed minded to learning. This problem is common in my part of the world where people are lazy when it comes to reading. Some of these people haven’t read any other thing beyond sports news since they graduated from school


  1. SALARY MENTALITY: many people approach Network marketing as a paid job and not as a business, so they expect to get returns as soon as they put in the effort. Such people are used to 30 days make a pay and when they run their network marketing business for a month without earning any income, they simply conclude that the model is not working. This kind of people needs to understand that if you can’t endure delayed gratification you are not likely to succeed in any business.



  1. INABILITY TO DIFFERENTIATE NETWORK MARKETING FROM A PONZI SCHEME: Some people are such that they can’t differentiate a scam from a genuine business. Some of them have dabbled into a Ponzi scheme before and they lost out big time, so when you show them network marketing they generalise that all such businesses are scams. Simply stated, in a Ponzi scheme there are neither products nor services being offered, all you have is a promise of a high yield on your investment after a short period of time, you never even know what the money is being used, they are just robbing Peter and Paul to pay James. Whereas in a Network marketing business like any other business, there are products and services being offered in exchange for money changing hands. I must point out that it is greed that makes people patronise Ponzi and if you have ever being involved in one then your character is questionable.


  1. IT’S A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME: many people frown at the fact that Network marketing is a “get rich quick” scheme but you see such people praying for and pursuing highly lucrative jobs in the telecoms sector, oil and gas sector, pursuing contracts etc. My question to them is that “since you are against getting rich quick why not take up a teaching job with a private school and get rich slow?. For me I have no issues with getting rich quick, I only have issues with it if you have to deprive others in order to get rich quick. Harv T. Eker in his book “The secrets of the millionaire mind” pointed out that if you are not able to make multimillions in whatever you are doing in less than 4 years then you obviously don’t know how to do it and you should be humble enough to ask for help
  2. IT’S A PYRAMID: What they usually meant by this is the fact that it is “few people at the top that makes the big money”. Now, I would like to know if there is any organisation that exists where everyone earns the same income or more specifically where the lower cadres earn anything close to what the management level guys earn?. It is a fact of life that most people will never do what it takes to get to the top, you can’t help them. However, the beautiful thing about Network Marketing is that if you decide to get to the top within any specified frame of time, provided you are willing to give it what it takes you will get there even ahead of tens of thousands who have joined that organisation before you. This is because In Network Marketing the top is always open to accommodate more people, however this is never the case in other organisations, there are so many factors beyond your control that could stagnate you for years and the top is ever closed. If someone doesn’t leave no one can take over. I have been a victim of this, I spent 7 years in the banking industry and I was only promoted once despite my dedication to the job but I joined my Network marketing company and I enjoyed rank advancement 12 times in 11 months and became one of the top earners in my company ahead of tens of thousands who have joined ahead of me. If you are performance driven you will no doubt succeed in Network Marketing.


  1. UNPLEASANT PAST EXPERIENCE: for some people, they have got their fingers burnt in some prior ventures so they are unwilling to try again. The fact is that if something worked for others but didn’t work for you, what you lack is the “how”. Did the fact that people failed once, twice or even more in their attempts to gain admission into the higher institution ever stopped them? I can tell you from experience that Network marketing is one of the best routes to entrepreneurship; if you know “how” or you are fortunate to get someone that knows “how” to show you the way. You don’t have to pitch your friends and make them stop picking your calls before you achieve outstanding success in network marketing. I have learned how not to do that. There is a better way!

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