In my almost 5 years of hands-on experience in Network Marketing I have immersed myself in learning through multitudes of books, audios and videos, podcast etc from the best in order to emerge as one myself, as the saying goes that a ‘wise man is strong and a man of knowledge increase strength’. So I will like to share with you a few of these resources that I am sure will be of immense benefit to you of course not in any particular order

  1. Building Your Network Marketing Business audio CD by Jim Rohn. I was fortunate to get access to this resource a few weeks after I came on board network marketing. I have listened to this audio over 200 times and I usually recommend it to every new person joining my team. You should be able to download MP4 of it on YouTube free


  1. It’s Time For Network Marketing, edited by John Milton Fogg

This book helped to drive home my belief in the Network Marketing Industry. At a point in my early days I was reading chapters of this book daily to sustain my enthusiasm. I will strongly recommend this book to anyone with a shallow belief in Network marketing. And the good thing is that the book is an easy read, it contains 52 chapters by 52 authors, all of them talking on Network Marketing from different perspective. Available on Amazon.



  1. Go Pro: 7 Steps To Become A Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

This book couldn’t have come to me at a better time than it did in my Network Marketing Career. This is a book that anyone serious about building a team of professionals in Network Marketing should not only read but also ensures that every team member reads.


  1. Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be by Jack Canfield

Getting ahead in life requires following some infallible principles. This is one book that will expose you to the practical principles that every highly successful person in every field of human endeavour used to attain outstanding success. If you really want to stand out from the masses then this a book you must read. Available on Amazon




  1. The Psychology of Selling By Brian Tracy

Network Marketing involves an element of selling or sharing as some people call it. Getting someone to buy into your opportunity is selling. However, most Network Marketers don’t ever bother to learn about selling which is what we actually do every day. So if you are ready to take your sponsoring to the next level you had better learn from the one of the best, Brian Tracy. Available on Amazon