I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say (Kunle) because of you I didn’t give up.

This has been my number one drive to inspire people. I discovered early when I started my Network Marketing career that the one thing that separates a top earner from a frsustrated Network Marketer is “inspiration”. I enjoyed daily inspiration so much that even in my first active Network Marketing business I became one of the top ten earner globally in 11 months of joining the business

So I have come to discover that the key to unlocking the greatness that we are all born with is daily/ constant inspiration.

If you know that you have greatness locked up insode you and you want to manifest your greatness, then you are in the right place.

I will inspire you to do and achieve what you wouldn’t believe you can do even if you were told


Who is Kunle Oderinde?

I am a husband, father of two, coach, trainer and speaker

I have always loved to help out and to encourage people. I am that guy that never says no to help request, many at times at my own detriment but I have never had the opportunity or know how to fully manifest this passion until I stumbled upon Network Marketing.

I joined my company and I was just all out to help every team member succeed, so much that because of their success I became one of the top ten globally in my company just after eleven months into the business.

Network Marketing has delivered to me more than I expected. The lifestyle that I couldn’t afford after working on a paid job for approximately 8 years, Network Marketing delivered it to me in 12 months. Now 5 years on going in network marketing I have

  • Travelled overseas many times, prospecting, speaking, training and mentoring team members
  • I have qualified for my company’s all-expense paid overseas trip
  • I have qualified for my company’s car award
  • I have had the priviledge of mentoring thousands of people on different platforms
  • I have broken the “timing myth” in Network Marketing. I joined my first company in their first year of launch in my home country and I became a top earner in 11 months. After almost 4 years with my first company, due to circumstances beyond my control I moved to another company that was almost 4 years old in my home country and in this second company I also duplicated my success and in 11 months I became a top earners even though my previous team members didn’t join me when I moved


How did I stumble into Network Marketing?

I had said that I would never work as an employee after graduating from the university but due to financial pressure and I believe lack of information, I became an employee in the banking industry.

I was comfortable as a banker financially even though I wasn’t enjoying the job, 7 years into my banking career I got an usual opportunity to exit my monotonous job and I seized it.

Back on the street, I vowed that I was not going back to paid employment so I engaged myself in conventional marketing of different merchandise to make ends meet. But I was quick to realise that these activities would not get me anywhere, here I was making less than half of my salary as a banker, so things were getting tight.

I was at my breaking point when I met a not-too-good looking guy on the street who introduced me to Network Marketing again, as I have done joined a company before but didn’t follow through. I listened to him attentively, later I attended the company’s business meeting and I signed up as an independent distributor. I didn’t know then that timely decision would alter the course of my life for good forever. As at then I wasn’t sure how I would be able to grow the business but I believe a maxim that says “I WILL RATHER TRY AND FAIL THAN FAIL TO TRY”

Fortunately for me, unlike most people in Network Marketing who will fail many times before succeeding, I submitted to mentorship of successful coaches from the very beginning and as I was learning I was willingly sharing all I was learning with my team members, so I rose to become one of the top ten earners globally in my company in just 11 months. Now, I have reproduced this success in another company that I later joined. So I have come to realize that “MENTORSHIP IS THE SHORTCUT TO OUTSTANDING SUCCESS IN NETWORK MARKETING”

So if you

  • Are sick of your work schedule
  • haven’t been able to produce success in your Network Marketing business or any home based business generally
  • are set to live life on your own terms
  • are ready to inspire others with your life
  • are at the breaking point financially



What have I learnt so far in my years of active Network Marketing?

  • Timing is irrelevant
  • Your commitment to your personal development will stand you out, according to Jim Rohn he said “don’t wish that things were better, but wish that you were better”
  • There is usually more ahead of us than we could ever imagine if only we will keep moving according to another of my favourite maxim “GO AS FAR AS YOU CAN SEE, WHEN YOU GET THERE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE FURTHER”
  • You need to work your business as if you are paid to do it, never give excuse and you will get to the top.



 There is a giant in you that just needs to be awakened and then the world will celebrate you as a top earner.

I look forward to giving encouraging you with concepts, ideas, events, cutting edge products and other means just to awaken the giant in you.

I believe that your best is about to be shown to the world


Kunle Oderinde


email: kunle@kunleoderinde.com

blog: www.kunleoderinde.com/blog

skype: ordiz1